Müller-Lyer And Barack Obama

Many of you are familiar with the Müller-Lyer illusion but I will present it anyway because seeing it is useful for my thesis, which I admit is very speculative. Please begin by looking at the diagram. ...

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Is It Just The Latest Fad

Diet gurus keep changing their minds. Right now, on top of the leader board, is the much publicized Mediterranean Diet. I believe we should not jump to conclusions. The next 200 years will tell the tale. Here is the scorecards for the two favorites – The Med diet and the Low Fat diet: Med Diet……………………………….Low Fat Diet Recommended Olive oil 4...

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If We Could Talk To The Animals

The National Institutes of Health is making progress in phasing out government-funded chimpanzee experiments and retiring most federally owned chimpanzees to sanctuaries. But the agency shouldn’t hold 50 chimpanzees for future research. “The Institute of Medicine made it clear that chimpanzees are neither necessary nor useful research subjects. While they suffer needlessly in laboratories, millions of taxpayer dollars are wasted on...

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What The Hell Do They Mean?

If you make the mistake of regularly listening to TV pundits (who know absolutely zilch about mathematics) you find yourself bombarded with the phrase “margin of error.” The phrase is never explained by them for the good reason that they are phonies who don’t know what it means but they are sure (and unfortunately right) in thinking frequent use of the flickendoodle expression will gain them much credibility with the dupes who...

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HIV Conference – Part II

So far, so good. Bo knows football; these guys know science, social science and HOW TO THINK. I’ll be back tomorrow for more. Again, Rackham Building, UM. All day. I can hardly begin to summarize the presentations or the number of them. Check my previous post for details. In the light of the statistics below, I suggested to one presenter that if an infected person knows how low the risk of of infection is, he may be encouraged...

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Conversation (or interview?) with Johnny Cash’s daughter, Rosanne. Her appreciation of the harmony of the spheres “led me to light shifts and that led me to theoretical physics.” So she married “a brilliant singer” but divorced him in 1992 to develop “personally and musically and move into self-discovery, culminating in her writing a song titled “Seventh Avenue.” She realized how much she...

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