Why Did I Ever Care?

Reams of good paper and gallons of ink are being expended by journalists who follow closely the exploits, trials and tribulations of athletes who may or may not be using “performance enhancing drugs. The overlooked big issue is why anyone should care. Suppose Mr. Rodriguez used these drugs and profited from their use. And so? So it reflects terribly on the integrity of baseball. And then? Suppose it turns out that all sports are...

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Ernest Hemingway (or somebody else) once said those who have never seen a bullfight have no business criticizing the “sport.” [sic] I agree. The bloodlust and thrill of watching death cannot be exaggerated. I have never seen a bullfight but I know. I know because of my own spine-tingling episodes with killing and torturing. I think it is safe for me now to confess to my deeds that happened 65 years ago, especially since nobody...

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Mad At The Boy

[I can plagiarize titles all I want. I don't usually give credit where credit is due but, for the benefit of the nosey, the above is by the master of wit, Noel Coward. Anyway, I changed "about" to "at," and that makes it all mine, Mine, I say, MINE!] Tiger Woods is coming in for more than his fair share of criticism lately because he didn’t disqualify himself for something he did over the weekend in a golf tournament (whose name I...

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Let Us Entertain You….DUMMY

March Madness, overflowing into April, and it is time for you to be even more stupid than you usually are, basketball fans, and that is plenty. You want to watch a basketball game on TV. It should be 40 minutes long, but it is not. Here are the facts. [Provided by Wall St. Journal Research] The game itself – 40 minutes. Halftime – 22 minutes. Only because you are too dumb to complain. It is supposed to be 20 minutes. Time-outs...

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The National Capitalist Athletic Association Championship Game

Last night in the great state of Georgia, the NCAA held its championship. The average price for Monday tickets started between $300 and $400 last week and surged above $600 yesterday, according to SeatGeek data. Over the last 24 hours, the average price paid was $783. For most fans in the Georgia Dome it was only a healthy bar tab. Oh, yes, between drinks, a basketball game was played. As often happens, one team won, one team lost.

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Go, Pre!

In Oregon, decades after his death 37 years ago, the legend of Steve Prefontaine lives on. Thousands of people in Portland and Eugene still walk through the streets wearing t-shirts that read “Go, Pre.” Blazers, emblazoned with his name fetch capitalist prices and he will forever be the Golden Boy, the Great White Hope of American distance running. He crashed to his death in an alcohol-induced auto accident when he was only...

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