Free At Last

I have no clear sense of how Martin Luther King felt when he burst forth with the words, “Free at last; thank God almighty we are free at last,” although I was present among the tumultuous crowd when he issued that cry. I have had my own spiritual awakening that allows me, too, to shout “Free at last.” I can’t recall the moment when that feeling of exultation came upon me. However, I can retrace it in broad...

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Ernest Hemingway (or somebody else) once said those who have never seen a bullfight have no business criticizing the “sport.” [sic] I agree. The bloodlust and thrill of watching death cannot be exaggerated. I have never seen a bullfight but I know. I know because of my own spine-tingling episodes with killing and torturing. I think it is safe for me now to confess to my deeds that happened 65 years ago, especially since nobody...

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What I might Have Said

At the conclusion of a lecture I gave at the University of Michigan on animal rights, 30 years or so ago), the first person to rise up from the audience to say anything was the Vice-President for Academic Research and he greeted me in this manner: “Don’t we have more important matters to worry about than what happens to cats, dogs and mice?” He took me by surprise and I mumbled a feeble response. After I left the auditorium,...

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Gun Control Goes Down To Defeat — Thank Goodness

I speak as the president of the Gendin Idiosyncrasy Club. I’m glad the Democrats went down to defeat yesterday as they continued their stupid, vicious quest for law and order. I want guns only in the hands of registered hoodlums and Mafia gangsters. I live in dread of gun-packing police who flaunt their weapons openly and I’m not crazy about rifle-bearing “sportsmen.” Obama and his sycophants present their opponents...

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Punish The Whistle Blower

Taping of Farm Cruelty Is Becoming the Crime By Richard Oppel Jr., The New York Times 08 April 13 In one covert video, farm workers illegally burn the ankles of Tennessee walking horses with chemicals. Another captures workers in Wyoming punching and kicking pigs and flinging piglets into the air. And at one of the country’s largest egg suppliers, a video shows hens caged alongside rotting bird corpses, while workers burn and snap off the...

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Obama Failing In Africa

Obama’s human rights campaign in Africa is failing miserably (but not surprisingly). For the grim story, turn here. What the article does not discuss at all is Obama’s indifference to the slaughter of protected species in Africa. Given his passion for speaking out in favor of hunting, it is not surprising. For details on elephant and rhino slaughter,...

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