No Nail Polish, Please. We’re Turks

Thousands of lives will be saved and dozens of airline crashes will be avoided thanks to clever intervention of Turkish Airlines, Europe’s fourth-biggest carrier. Along with a ban on nail polish, Turkish Airlines is banning lipstick for female flight attendants. A spokesperson for Turkish Airlines said the new ban is in keeping with the company’s love of pastel shades in all uniforms. Vivid colors on the part of the cabin crew...

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A Brownsville Memory

I had a 36 hour pass and since I was stationed at Ft. Dix, New Jersey, it was a quick bus ride home. For some reason, instead of going to my actual home, I found myself in an apartment on Howard Avenue in the heart of Brownsville. Believe me, I have no idea why. Five guys were standing around naked. One stood on a small ottoman, playing the Mozart clarinet concerto while below him a young woman was sucking on his penis with real vigor. I...

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Same Sex, Different Sex, No Sex

The big news for the past several days is that the Supreme Court has finally gotten around to holding oral arguments on same-sex marriage. The bad news is that hundreds of people have been gathering day and night on the steps of the Supreme Court, holding placards and demanding something be done. What exactly do they want done? Oral arguments are a charade. Not a single justice has not yet made up his mind on the matter. The arguments are...

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Long Dong Silver And A Heavy Cross To Bear

Only Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas’s pubic hair dresser know for sure but my guess is that Anita would say, “Sir, I knew King David, and you are no King David.” Such issues become intriguing in the light of the recently published, God’s Doodle: The Life and Times of the Penis. By Tom Hickman. Square Peg; 234 pages; £12.99. Buy from Richard Rudgley, a British anthropologist, admitted on a television programme...

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Sex Monsters

In July 1994, Megan Kanka, a seven-year old New Jersey girl, was raped and murdered by her neighbor, a man twice convicted of sex crimes. All across the nation, outraged parents wanted assurances that this sort of thing would never happen again. Two years later, Bill Clinton signed a bill requiring all states to take action. “Megan’s laws” were born. Typically, these laws require states to notify communities when sex offenders...

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Sex Offenders Run Amok In North America

I once heard a prosecutor say that people who have or ever had prurient interests were potential sex offenders. This sure narrowed the field down for me. Back in August 1972 and once before, I think it was in March of 1955, I met two guys who never had prurient interests. There are 400,000 registered sex offenders here in Barack Obama’s United States and, (my best guess), another 280 million unregistered ones. Calling someone a sex...

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