No, No, I’m Not Back

I am not resuming the blog; I just need an outlet to express my despair and hostility. Just this once. (I think. I hope.) I awoke this morning in a sweat. Phrases like, “Man is a maximizing consumer,” “Man is homo economicus,” and “The rational man is an accumulator,” raced through my brain causing feelings of terror. I pulled the covers over my head and tried to get a grip on myself and go back to...

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Good Anarchism And Bad Anarchy

ANARCHISM is a philosophical view about how the world should be structured. It preaches; it does not act. On the other hand, ANARCHY may be the more or less successful collection of reflective and violent efforts to disrupt a state it suspects of apropriating the status quo by such weak-willed philosophies as the preaching of anarchism. Anarchists who preach ANARCHISM are mild mannered members of conventionally ordered capitalistic...

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Cost Of An Education At Our Institutions Of Higher Learning

Technical explanations of the cost of a college education are well beyond my expertise but I am sure I understand at least a part of the story. There are 371,164 persons on college campuses across the land. They are well paid because 31.7% of them are professors, 27.4% are associate professors, 25.1% are assistant professors and only 6.6% fill the low rank of instructor. 7.4% are lecturers and something called “No rank” make up the...

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Right To Counsel Vs. Saving Money

The federal sequester, (the across-the-board cuts in federal spending) that took effect March 1, is an assault on the Sixth Amendment right to counsel. The sequester is financially squeezing federal defenders. Consider what is happening in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, which comprise the federal trial courts for New York City and some surrounding counties. There are 280 prosecutors against 38 Federal Defender lawyers, who...

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I Dunno How To Reed Anyhow

[Or is dat "nohow."] Back in the 1990s, the Supreme Court said that while prisoners have the right to pursue a legal claim, they don’t have “an abstract, freestanding right to a law library.” For years after the ruling, even though it no longer had to, New York required its county jails to maintain a supply of legal reference materials, such as various chapters of New York State Consolidated Laws and case law digests. But as times of...

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A Footnote To A Footnote

Cyprus is a chunk of junk, a piece of garbage that stinks to high heaven and yet is being treated with tender mercies, love, and undeserved concern. Newspapers are squandering a lot of good ink on the most trivial plot of earth on the planet. The International Monetary Fund is making demands of one sort or another in exchange for a bailout of $12.8 BILLION. That’s “billion,” not “million.” Why bother? The...

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