Strictly For New York Yids

The legendary comic Mickey Katz is the father of Joel Grey and grandfather of Jennifer Grey. Apart from siring these celebrities he was quite something in his own right. The following songs are Katz classics. ************************************* I confess to an undue interest in Mickey because of a debate that has...

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What The Flickendoodle Are They Saying, Anyway?

I am an opera fan. Not an opera lover, just a fan. I listen a couple of times per week for maybe a total of 2-3 hours but when I am going strong that could peak at 3 hours per day. The funny thing is that I don’t often know what I am listening to except in the most general sort of way. I know what the arias are about but can’t decode the individual lines, the way I can with American musicals. It seems it doesn’t much...

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On Cultivating Exquisite Taste

All by itself, independent of how it comes about, exquisite taste is neither good nor bad. In my opinion, some things are worthy of cultivation and some seem like a foolish joke. Some exquisite taste just happens without cultivation and it is hard to condemn it, however trite it may be. Young French children drink wine as American children drink milk. I doubt that American children can develop a preference for one brand of milk over another...

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Wagner And Hitler… In Love

Ezra Pound set the precedent. Widely regarded as the best of the best, so far as poetry is concerned, Pound received big bucks when he was awarded the Bollingen Prize. This set up a great furor because Pound had advanced from fascist follower of Mussolini to rabid supporter of Hitler and nazism. Many of the literati questioned his getting a prize, as if to honor his viciousness. Can one separate the artist from the man? In my opinion, one...

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You Can’t Go Home Again

For some people, the music in this video is the thing. For most of us, I hope, it is an astonishing revelation of the way the world turns.

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A Brownsville Memory

I had a 36 hour pass and since I was stationed at Ft. Dix, New Jersey, it was a quick bus ride home. For some reason, instead of going to my actual home, I found myself in an apartment on Howard Avenue in the heart of Brownsville. Believe me, I have no idea why. Five guys were standing around naked. One stood on a small ottoman, playing the Mozart clarinet concerto while below him a young woman was sucking on his penis with real vigor. I...

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