With Eyes Wide Shut

From the NY Times July 27, 2013: “When Justice Department officials announced the results of a two-year investigation into civil rights violations at the Miami Police Department this month, it was the 11th time in two years that the federal government had put a local law enforcement agency on notice that it must change its ways or face a federal lawsuit.” [SG: Let us take note of the obvious: every city in the USA with a population...

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Faithful readers know I regard our police forces as the worst humans on earth since the heyday of Nazi storm troopers. Prior to 1970, those who disagreed with me had a leg to stand on. Since then, that leg has been cut out from under them. For the last 43 years there is no respectable argument against me. I have posted several pieces on the subject, mainly in www.watching and today I resume the attack. Nothing I have to offer...

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New York’s Finest. F-K You

The “F-k you” in this post stands for “Frisk you.” Hey,what did you expect, you dirty-minded reader? Neither you nor I nor the person who invented the phrase “New York’s finest” as the appellation for the coppers in New York have a clue as to what it means. On its face, it seems to mean they are New York’s finest citizens but perhaps it means only that they are the best public servants, putting...

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The Boston Monotony

Now, at last, we can go to bed. The Bad Guy is in the custody of even worse guys and we, the public, are delighted. We can call off the media drudges who thrill maniacally to each day’s dull pursuit of a minor criminal. Yes, the media drudges who do their best to promote hysteria. The nation came close to saying freedom of movement is as nothing compared to the danger of a lunatic on the loose. We were inches away from accepting...

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Gun Control Goes Down To Defeat — Thank Goodness

I speak as the president of the Gendin Idiosyncrasy Club. I’m glad the Democrats went down to defeat yesterday as they continued their stupid, vicious quest for law and order. I want guns only in the hands of registered hoodlums and Mafia gangsters. I live in dread of gun-packing police who flaunt their weapons openly and I’m not crazy about rifle-bearing “sportsmen.” Obama and his sycophants present their opponents...

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Gotcha, Mr. Bad Guy

Early in the morning of March 29, before dawn, FBI agents wearing bullet proof vests raided the home of Michael Steinberg, a multi-millionaire, and carted him off to wherever dangerous inside traders are taken. Mr. Steinberg will be charged with an assortment of crimes but in exchange for his cooperation in nailing an even richer Jew, Steven A. Cohen, a very, very multi-billionaire, Mike will get a sweet plea bargain. The FBI tipped off...

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