1. A U.S. service member who worked in a military sexual assault prevention program has been accused of a sexual crime. In the latest incident, an Army sergeant first class, assigned to such a program at Fort Hood, Texas, is being investigated for alleged sexual assault, pandering, abusive sexual contact and maltreatment of subordinates. 2. Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski was placed in charge of a branch of the Air Force’s Sexual Assault...

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Joshua At The Battle of Gettysburg

The Battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest and most pivotal battle of the American Civil War and it decisively turned the war in the Union favor. Joshua Chamberlain, a man of staggering ability as a diarist who would go on to be president of Bowdoin College and governor of Maine offered this (SG: abbreviated) account of the battle. “But we can hold our spirits and our bodies so pure and high, we may cherish such thoughts and such ideals,...

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My Horse, My Horse, My kingdom For Some Standards

On better evidence than this, OJ.Simpsom went free. For some odd reason, (probably the search for glory and tenure), archaeologists at the University of Leicester announced Monday that a skeleton found under a parking lot in central England is in fact the remains of King Richard III, the last English king to die on the battlefield. Using carbon dating – a technique that gets you exactly nowhere – plus the maddening irrelevant but...

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Legal, Ethical, Wise and Not Fattening

Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, said yesterday that the use of drones is legal, ethical and wise. He may be right but, in the great tradition of press secretaries, refused to be drawn into a discussion of the pro and cons of this position. The most common defense of the use of drones is that they save lives — American lives. A collateral benefit is that, since they are very accurate, drones do not target the innocent and...

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I Found It At The Movies

At about the halfway mark of the Civil War, Abe Lincoln takes the bold step of issuing an Emancipation Proclamation. A truly great moment in U.S. history. So it is now 150 years since that most important time. The film, LINCOLN, is about that moment. Since it stars Daniel Day-Lewis, there wasn’t, and could not possibly have been, suspense concerning who would get the Best Actor Award. ARGO, a very exciting potboiler, won Best Movie award for...

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Theories Of Pacifism

It may well be that the person most qualified to be President of the United States is in fact the current President. I won’t make Mr. Obama’s greatness or lack thereof my theme. The fact is, however, that if the sole or main criterion for judging him is based on his commitment to peace, we would be in a sorry state. I admit there is much more to being qualified for the presidency than a commitment to pacifism, but I would like to...

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