Funny Ha Ha, Or Funny Weird

I brought it on myself. For publishing Al Silver’s latest cartoon, I deserve all the misery I am experiencing. It seems that “funny, ha ha” is not so funny as I thought. The worst thing about it is that people want it explained. Every comic knows that an explanation of humor is the kiss of death. It wrings the “ha ha” out of a joke as surely as if were delivered by Henry Kissinger. Please don’t ask me why...

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Then Came Grendel

I pause. Let us now continue. Then came from the moor under misted cliffs Grendel marching God’s anger he bore. The monster intended some one of earthmen In the hall-building grand to entrap and make way with: He went under welkin where well he knew of The wine-joyous building, brilliant with plating, Gold-hall of earthmen. Now, this is not a guy to mess around with and, if you do get lucky and whip his behind, his mother will hotly...

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Beyond The Sea

As per usual, this cartoon is the exlusive property of Al Silver and can be reproduced only with his permission. ***************************** The song is BEYOND THE SEA as sung by Michael Buble. [The title of this post is created without authorization or even tacit approval of the cartoonist. Neither is the song his...

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