Habits, Addictions, Obsessions, And Compulsions

As your good fortune would have it, I know more about the topics listed on the title line of this post than any man or woman alive. So here is a brief introduction to the unassailable facts. 1. The word “habit” gives you no clue as to whether the thing so described is problematic. Biting your nails and cuticles all day long is something you wish you could put an end to. Brushing your teeth every morning without giving it much...

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A Sage Speaks

Within these paragraphs there is a lot of hogwash, including the usual pseudo wisdom that people over age 90 like to present to us KIDS. But at least 40% of this strikes me as sound and half of that as very illuminating. Where have you gotten such a high percentage of solid advice before? ********************** Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, Japan, turned 101 on 4th October 2012 As a 97 year old Doctor, he was interviewed, and gave his advice for a...

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Godlike Instructions

The arteries in my heart having been duly explored last week, I was ordered not to lift anything as heavy as a gallon of milk prior to the next step in my care – bypass surgery. It was determined that angioplasty plus stenting would not do me much good. Naturally, I was very curious about the weightlifting restriction. SG: How did you arrive at the limitation of one gallon of milk? Cardio: It is about 8 pounds. SG: Actually, I think...

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I Shall Return

In 8 and 1/2 hours (at Noon), “doctors” will penetrate my heart. I have confidence. Tomorrow I will be back at the old stand, dishing out my opinions and free coconut whips. Betty inspires me.

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Suicide By Death

GOOD NEWS! Suicide has taken over from car crashes and other accidents as the third leading cause of the permanent ending of the vital processes in cells and tissues, what the squeamish call being dead as a doornail. Only those two bores, cancer and heart disease top it. In 1999, suicide was mired in 8th place but it has made a respectable surge among those in the 35-64 cohort thanks to the worst recession in decades that wiped out stock...

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The Institute Of Medicine

IoM is my GO-TO source for matters of medicine. I back up IoM with the Cochrane Library. If you rely on these sources then you will know more about the evidence for medical claims than your current physician, assuming that he is not in the upper 3% of the best informed. If you have a herd instinct and like to say, “I trust my doctor and do as he says,” then the work of the Institute of Medicine is wasted on you. Of course,...

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