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Danny Kedem, Tony Weiner’s campaign manager, sent an e-mail to dozens of his associates in late June seeking volunteers and financial contributions for Mr. Weiner’s mayoral bid. “I am really proud to work for Anthony,” he wrote. Yesterday, Danny resigned. Apparently, the size of Anthony’s once teeny weeny weener has grown too large for Danny……Six shot dead in Miami. Obama grieves…..Three killed in Indiana...

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They Made The Difference

It doesn’t much matter whether you know them or don’t. …. A roughly alphabetical listing. Beethoven – So now I know genius is not usually a matter of mind but mainly of soul. Marlon Brando, Charlie Chaplin – Showed me that the movies can be an art form. Morris Dorsky – Taught me to respect the visual arts. Ted Drange, Ed Erwin, Bob Hoffman – Intellectual companions for fifty years..and counting. Ronald...

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Ye Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Make You…?

Shall make you what? Free? And then what? A wise man? An educated one? Valuable? Dangerous? Interesting? Or just a simple freak? In my mid-teen years I knew the gold medal winners of every Olympic running event from 1896 through 1948. It wasn’t my fault, and certainly was not to my credit. I hadn’t memorized these bits of useless data and didn’t let people know because I would rightly have been regarded as little better...

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Before a packed audience, Donald Kagan gave his Retirement Address.

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I Am Begging You

Leave me alone…please. Since February 1, I have received eight private communications at my email address that comment on a few of my posts. I WILL NOT REPLY TO THESE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IF I REMEMBER THAT RESOLUTION. Not that these comments are bad; in fact, most are pretty good. But the proper place to comment on my posts is in the comments sections appended to the posts themselves. COME OUT OF THE CLOSET! I am certain that dozens...

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A Good Man Is Hard To Find

By EMILY ESFAHANI SMITH — In the Wall Street Journal, April 4, 2013. There, the article is titled FIND A MAN TODAY, GRADUATE TOMORROW. In 2008, when I was a college junior, I went home to New Jersey one weekend to visit my family—and almost immediately regretted it. My mother seemed more interested in my romantic life than my academic life: “Have you found a boyfriend yet?” I rolled my eyes and said no. With a healthy...

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