Citizens for Tax Justice says the average saving in taxes for the top 1% of greed mongers in 2010 will be $77,000 under the Obama Plan.

Non-profit U.S. Chamber Watch looked at the tax savings the bailout swine received under the Obama Plan. Here are some figures for you to conjure with.

Wells Fargo’s John Stumpf – salary $15,050,697. Tax savings $813,000.
Citigroup’s Vikram Pandit – $12,843,503. Tax savings $775,000.
Bank of America’s Ken Lewis – $12,571,281. Saving $713,000.
JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon – $21,991,394 and $1,179,000.
State Street’s Jay Hooley – $19,826,044 and $1,071,000.
Bank of NY Mellon’s Robert Kelley – $17,677,391 and $995,000.
Morgan Stanley’s John Mack – $17,152,174 and $926,000.

Total = $6.5 million in tax savings. These were the guys that the Obama Plan decreed “too big to fail.”

Compare these savings with the median income in 2009 of Americans – just under $50,000.

Viva America, where every person can move up to be swine if he works hard enough.

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  1. Nice follow-up on mine. Thank you.

  2. Where’s the outrage? Why aren’t we massed at Wall and Broad, jeering the thieving magpies, and holding placards high: “Return Your Filthy Lucre to the People”; “Restore the Middle Class”; “No Bonuses For Parasites”; “Hey, Hey, What Did You Produce Today?”; “The Guillotine Has Been Oiled!”; “Get a Real Job”; “Crimes Have Been Committed. Prosecute!”; “You Eat Crumb Cake. We Want Bread.”; “Congratulations On Your Highest Stolen Profits Ever”; “Have a Nice Day, Drop Dead!”; “Trickle Down? Trickle This!”?

    Meanwhile, the Great Mentioner has put forth the name of Robert Rubin as the next Chief Economic Advisor to the president. Now THAT’S blasphemy! Doesn’t that merit a teensy disturbance downtown, or are we too busy watching Dancing With the Stars?

  3. When Robert Rubin wins the Dancing with the Stars competition, (which he is almost certain to do before the next year is out), you will be ashamed of yourself for poking fun at him and the Great Mentioner.

  4. Sounds like a great argument for the flat tax.

  5. Sorry, Colonel, I don’t see why Robert Rubin’s winning the Dancing with the Stars contest is an argument for a flat tax.


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