They Just Don’t Make Them The Way They Used To

NO, don’t kill yourself quite yet. I know that Oscar ceremonies can make anybody suicidal. The round of absurd “I want to thank my cousin’s dog for not growling too much, my hairdresser for giving me just the right amount of lacquer, and the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Schmuckelsky for his grand script and the opportunity to prove once again that I am almost too good to be true.” Thirty years of this nonsense are more than enough. BUT there really was a grand age when movie stars were not “stars.” Rather, they were STARS. The heyday of greatest of these were before I was born, unfortunately, but they dominated and shaped the world of entertainment like the movie kings and queens of today cannot dream of approaching. Here are my two favorite recipients of the Honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievement.

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  1. Wonderful! Thanks so much. Who was the presenter to Chaplin?

  2. Sad to say that although I recognize the presenter’s face, I don’t recall his name. The Youtube presentation was much too short and severely edited. The actual ovation lasted 12 minutes, the longest in Oscar history.

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