Hanging around the Rand Institute, I have a developed a penchant for abbreviations. “MIA” means “missing in action.” I am sure this madness will disappear when I arrive home. So now I am en route to Michigan.

The visit to California was pleasant. Saw old friends such as Howard Kamler, ex of the EMU philosophy department and Ted Drange, undisputed King of Atheists. Also had the pleasure of a visit from my adored niece, Ellen Lodge and her fine husband. Mostly I was in the care of THE COLONEL, the master of deployments. He was with me every step of the way. My gratitude is boundless. I will be greeted at the Detroit Airport by
Tom P, the controller of this blog who. like the colonel, does double duty: son & trusted, treasured friend. Who could ask for anything more?

Well, one more thing, for sure. Reunited with my wife who enjoyed the pleasures Virginia offers while I played in California. That will be best of all. Plus some “skyping” with my daughter. Also a good thing.

I will resume “serious” posting, so to speak in two days. So, yes, life will be good for all of you.

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  1. And another thing. Goodbye to the lovely Madiha Giglione who, to all her other many talents, cooked delicious meals for me.

    Hello to Archie Medes with whom I shall soon have the pleasure of weekly meetings during which we discuss all subjects imaginable from how badly Derek Jeter has deteriorated to troop deployment in Kabul.

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