Kill ‘em Before They Kill You

Barracks O’bama and his henchman, Eric Holder, believe war justifies everything. In a NY Review of Books article this week, David Cole writes: “The President of the United States can order the killing of US citizens, far from any battlefield, without charges, a trial, or any form of advance judicial approval. That’s what Attorney General Eric Holder told a group of students at Northwestern Law School yesterday, in a much anticipated speech. The Constitution requires the government to obtain a judicial warrant based on probable cause before it can search your backpack or attach a GPS tracking device to your car, but not, according to Holder, before it kills you.” Cole has a devastating critique:

BUT Cole makes one unwarranted concession to the killers. He writes that “It is not illegal or even controversial, of course, to shoot to kill enemy soldiers on a battlefield in wartime.” In fact, however, this is very controversial. Soldiers ought to be very certain they are on the right side. It is far from obvious that Japanese soldiers should have shot to kill American soldiers. Moreover, soldiers who have a choice, i.e. those serving in an all-volunteer army ought to be doubly sure that they should be doing any killing.

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  1. Heard that speech on CPAN live by chance only and it was startling..The most powerful President ever..

  2. Dear John,

    Having not heard from any of my communicants named “John” (about 4 of them) in some while I am unable to guess who you are. In any case, I wish you had explained what you mean by “The most powerful President ever…”

    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from Latin communicant- ‘sharing,’ from the verb communicare (see communicate ).

  3. I don’t know what being “on the right side” means here. Winners always claim to be “on the right side.”

  4. John refers to the powers of the President as described by Holder – in contrast to previous CINCs.

  5. Len,


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