This is the time of year, whether it is truly deserved or not, that we may put aside our picayune squabbling and celebrate America along with one of Nature’s greatest gifts to us – the incomparable PAUL.


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  1. Sam Cooke had one of the purest voices ever. Given how short his life was, his huge body of work is nothing short of amazing.

  2. Paul R. was a great and talented American who got short shrift from his country. Another was Jim T., the greatest American Athlete ever.

  3. Jon Brower Minnoch was the fattest, heaviest American, weighing approximately 1,400 pounds. We mourn the untimely passing of this great and under-appreciated man at age 41.

  4. The gravy was delicious, too.

  5. I have engaged in “greatest athlete” debates with Sid and others before and have come to agree with him that this accolade should go to whoever wins the coin toss between Jim Brown and Jackie Robinson. Both of their careers had great legs, and they were hugely versatile. Like Jesse Owens, Thorpe was in the right place at the right time, sort of like Joe Louis. They were all greats, but it is at least debatable whether they should be looked upon as virtual gods.

  6. Good for Steve for remembering the Brown/Robinson debate. Thorpe was an okay guy – not in the top 1320 of all time but pretty darn good.

    Dear Nan, where would we be without your pulling us back to Earth.

    The Robeson number is marvelous. I thought I knew all Robeson but apparently not. Thanks.

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