Sickness Unto Life

This morning I observed a small ant creeping around in one of my rooms. I hit him a hard shot and stunned him. Bravely, he continued on his way. I hit again…and again….and finally he succumbed to this crazed battering. The more I hit him, the more crazed I became. I was a Santayana fanatic with no end in view, so I redoubled my efforts. My behavior was the very model for how we solve our “more important” problems. Clearly, I had no purpose and the beating I was inflicting on the creature was a fine example of madness.

Who will help me? I don’t mean the difference between right and wrong but how to actually practice decency.


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  1. Ha-ha! There is no help for you.

  2. I let the little bugs go on their way, telling myself that they have some function to perform. My wife tolerates of my oddness up to a certain point, but she draws the line at wasps. I tell her that I will shoo them away, but before I can attempt to do so she goes ahead and zaps them

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