What Obama And Romney Could Not Care Less About

Of course, regular readers know I could not care less about who wins the November election because I have said many times that neither candidate has the slightest interest in the matters that most matter to me: the treatment of animals, federal prison conditions,, the rights of homosexuals and a couple of others that never make it into the NY Times.

Here are a few matters that anybody pretending to be Leader Of The Free World should speak out on and maybe even try to do something about.

From Al Jazeera [Vot's dat?]: Nothing epitomises the great political changes in Turkey over the course of the last decade than a little noticed media piece. It reported that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his wife Emine attended a private iftar party (the ritual nightly breaking of the Ramadan fast) at the invitation of the current Turkish Chief of Staff, General Necdet Ozel. For the complete article, just tune in here: http://article.wn.com/view/2012/08/22/Reconsidering_Turkish_foreign_policy_in_the_AKP_years/

From The Telegraph (Gt. Brit): The Institute of Directors (IoD) says that Chancellor George Osborne’s growth strategy is largely “ineffective” and “too little, too slowly”, as demands increase for radical action in the autumn.
A survey of more than 1,200 business leaders found they have “serious concerns” that the recession will last throughout 2012 with only a modest recovery next year. Want more? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financialcrisis/9491202/Do-more-and-do-it-now-to-kick-start-the-economy-business-leaders-tell-George-Osborne.html

From WorldNews.com: A very nifty, profound but readable summary of Islamic politics in recent years. These things don’t much matter to me or to Obama but they may to you. In that case: http://article.wn.com/view/2012/08/22/Irans_Islamic_Revolution_and_Arab_Spring/

The Independent: Mr Hollande will chair a cabinet meeting in Paris today – one week earlier than usual – as even centre-left newspapers criticise his allegedly “halting” and “mediocre” response to the economic problems facing France and the EU. With the economy stalled and thousands of jobs under threat, Mr Hollande has not yet explained how he can deliver his apparently contradictory election promises to rekindle growth while cutting France’s budget deficit to three per cent of GDP next year.
More? Go to http://article.wn.com/view/2012/08/22/Centreleft_criticises_mediocre_Hollande_as_French_crisis_dee/

MuchMusic: Even I care about this, and I saved it for last because Mother taught me that he who goes last goes best. Christina Aguilera is jumping out of her giant, red, Doctor Evil-looking judge’s chair on The Voice to get back into the studio and release some new music of her own. The singer posted a picture of her leg in a fishnet stocking and bright pink high heel on top of a green suitcase,….I KNOW you want more, so get yourself over to http://article.wn.com/view/2012/08/21/Christina_Aguilera_tweets_photo_from_videoshoot/

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  1. From the article on Hollande: “Critics, including the hard left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, say that Mr Hollande’s obsession with his accessible, low-key governing style, rather than substance, is starting to wear thin.”

    Seems he is the French Obama. Do little, while looking hip.

  2. I think you are missing a very important reason why it doesn’t matter who is president: The very desire to become president is a mental illness.

    Back in 1909 when I delivered the famous Clark University series of lectures written by my dentist, I took a trip to Oyster Bay to analyze Theodore Roosevelt. First thing I saw on the front door was a sign reading, “Thank You For Not Smoking.” When I got him on the couch, he blurted out (get this), “I used to be president of the United States.” Not the normal, “I used to be Napoleon.” And he went on and on: “I was physically weak as a child, but through a program of Dynamic Tension I now kick sand at bullies. In fact, I have given ‘bully’ many definitions, and that means a lot of fun kicking sand. Did I mention that I led the charge up San Juan Hill and I’m reprising the role in ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’? Well, anyway, all Taft can do is displace 350 pounds of water from his new bathtub. So I’m running for president again. And strictly between us, Alice is a slut and Franklin is going nowhere until he sees my orthodontist. See these teeth? Genuine Wedgewood. I have tremendous guilt feelings for naming my son after a frog. Sometimes I play with my poop. Do you think that my love for collecting the heads of rare beasts is compensation for my tiny penis…?”

    I ran like crazy from this nut job to see a kid named Bill Clinton. I hear he has a way with cigars. Then I was off to analyze why some black kid will defuse “Obama Care” by using the phrase, but still timidly refers to himself as a ni.

  3. Dear Kermit, Why do you disguise your entry under your father’s name? You have nothing to be ashamed of.

    P.S. Do you happen to be able to say what “the N-word” stands for?

    Dear Mr. P: I am not surprised.

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